Keep Up

by Jonesies

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released March 24, 2017

Jonesies is...
Mary Dahlman Begley (bass / vocals)
Peter Briggs (guitar / pedal steel)
Tessa Echeverria (drums)
Luis Perez (guitar / vocals)

Recorded and mixed by Tessa Echeverria at Williamson Magnetic Recording Company.

All song written by Luis Perez, except for "Draw Rocks", written by Mary Dahlman Begley

Special thanks to Mark Haines


all rights reserved



Jonesies Madison, Wisconsin

A band of lovers; a band for lovers


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Track Name: Immunity Idol
I want a brand new car
I want to be cooler than cool
I want my friends to question
My sexuality

I'm not in love with you
I'm not impressed by anything
And certainly not you

I want a cool tattoo
I want to be misunderstood
I want to act like you don't think
I care about you

Whatever you want from me
Whatever you need form me
Track Name: Glass Factory
If you really knew me
You'd know I don't care
I'll smash your face through
A plate glass door
I wouldn't care
How could I

I know I've been marked
As I walk down the hall
These jealous fucks
I'll hold them undertow
I wouldn't care
How could I

Wear a mask
Tear down this school
Wear a mask
Tear down this town
Wear a mask
What else for

I'm trying to find out
That which disgusts you
I'm still alive
Just to destroy you
I wouldn't care
How could I
Track Name: Girl In Army Jacket
Take my hand, don't let go
There's a lot I've been thinking about
You mention his name
I see a glow

I listen, I listen deeply
I listen, I listen to you

My Margot, you were a girl
And I was just a boy
dreaming you
And now the dream is dead

My love for you
Died a long time ago
My love for you is dead and gone
Dead and gone
Track Name: Unreal Tournament
You tell me to stay across a room
But I know it's a game

If I was wrong, I think I would know

You tell me I struck a nerve, who cares
I wish I could, but I'm fucked

If I was wrong, I think I would know

And if it is was a competition I think I would know
I'll have you bleeding when I want

You tell me lies to keep me sharp
You tell me lies all the time

If I was wrong I think I would know
Track Name: Log Cabin
I built my life around you
I based my life around that fact

And you can tell it's pathetic

I can't handle simple things
Like when I meet someone new

Call someone's phone number
No one picks up
That's the story of my life

And why do I try
It'd be easier not to
Track Name: Simon
I don't know what you want
You say what's done is done
You've change and you can't explain
You've changed

And if it's how I really feel
If it's new, shouldn't I say

It's pain, it's pain, when you're breathing
It's wrong, it's wrong, when you speak

I can't wait much more
I've spent too many years
On you, and your petty words
On you

I've spent a long time
Putting this behind me
I've spent a long time
And still I fail

Shut up
Track Name: Full Empty
A perfect story
To tell your family
About how we met
Oh it was laugh

But it can't be
Cause now we're through
Over the time
I got pissed and drunk

A perfect picture
Of a perfect couple
And now you're jealous
Of everything at all

But you can't be
Cause it was you
It was you
All along

I wish you had me
I really don't
Track Name: Draw Rocks
pack some things threw the rest away
just to prove a point
fit my whole life into my car

hope i don't wake up to find
i put down roots before its time
can't grow those plants here

don't forget what i told ya
don't leave me here

write down notes for my future self
so i don't forget what i know
in this place at this time

late last night you said to me
you're being mean
but what do you know

all i've got is a heap of doubt
and a long list of towns
that i can't quite call home

so i'll hit the road again real soon
toss some shit out as i go
hope i can outrun this
Track Name: Vinculum Gate
I have been passed once again
A killer show or another girl
I can't catch a break

The shit say I say and the bonds I break
They pile on up and catch a spark
They burn on out and turn to dust like tinder sticks

I can't believe I'm here with you
Two losers like a sore thumb
I'm getting closer every day

I have been lost for a long time
I watch the flames burn in my eyes
In my eyes

I can't tell the difference now
Between an olive branch or a spinal tap
They always take it out of me

The amount I try for what I get
The friends I keep and the blood I've let
I'm the odds on favorite to lose this bet since twenty-ten

I have been lost for a long time
I watch the flames burn in my eyes
I have been lost, I won't be found
I watch the flames settle down
Settle down
Track Name: All I Know Is
I'm looking for an excuse
To turn your eyes on me
I got out of bed today
Gold stars on my fridge

But when I tell you
you'll support me
Because you think I'm cool

It's a struggle to be me
Nothing else compares
But I've got to be strong
Teen girls look up to me

All peasants down beneath bend your knee
I do it for, I do it for me
Track Name: Pop Badge
I saw you walking round
Looking cool with a Pastels badge
Pinned three quarters up your chest
On faded frayed out denim patch

I saw you walking by
with a six pack in your hand
An oral list of your favorite bands
The dos and don'ts of a music scene

Tell me why
I should listen to you
When you never listen to me

I hear you talking round
But you're not so laissez faire
You're as petty and as freaked
As your room full of sycophants

I watch you from a far
And it's sick and true how I feel
No different than all the rest
Just as much, I should shut my mouth

I'm trying to tell you what I really want
I'm trying to how I really feel
Track Name: Blood Stone Shard
I'm nonplussed when you talk about me
I'm uncaring when you open a door

What do you think
You think you're on my mind
What do you think
You think I've been unkind
What do you think
You think I'll change my mind
What do you think
Do you think, do you think at all

You must feel you've been put on a shelf
I'm not sorry as I pass you on by

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